Our Professional Competence Gaulois energia

Our Professional Competence

Studies / General

» Geological, geophysical and geochemical studies, geocelular models, dynamic simulation, optimization and classic engineering, integrated Oil and Gas studies, Tight and Shale formation studies.
» Special studies: Seismic reservoir characterization with attributes, fractured reservoir modelling (DFN), basin modelling and prospect evaluation. EOR solutions.


» 3D/2D Seismic interpretation and visualization
» Seismic reservoir characterization
» Multi-attributes analysis using NN seismic facies classification
» Restoration and balancing, complex structural models


» Sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy facies modelling
» Static modelling
» Basin modelling
» Geostatistics
» Surface geology
» Field trips, outcrop descriptions, facies modelling and lithology evaluation


» Log interpretation
» Core description
» Modelling and integration of SCAL and CCAL data, capillary pressure analysis, saturation fluid modeling
» Dynamic rock typing (Pc and Krs)

Reservoir Engineering

» Fluid in place calculations: volumetric and material balance, reserves estimations
» Fluids and PVT modelling
» Reservoir simulation (numerical models)
» Naturally fractured reservoirs (static and dynamic DFN modelling)
» Production forecasts (decline curves, material balance and numerical simulations)
» Geomechanics
» Waterflood design, installation and monitoring
» Well testing (design and interpretation)
» EOR studies

Production Engineering

» Flowing well modelling
» Artificial lift selection and performance estimation


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